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Renato Nicolodi, Monument II and Monument III, 2021

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The island of Giudecca is best known for the sixteenth-century monument Il Redentore, one of Andrea Palladio's masterpieces. As part of the seventeenth Venice Architecture Biennale, Renato Nicolodi is presenting a dialogue of two sculptures entitled Monument as part of a group exhibition at the Pavilion 0 art space, in collaboration with Giudecca Art District. The two sculptures are made of white and black concrete, thus contrasting like the many opposites found in Renato's work.

The exhibition, entitled Arche' - Architecture of Universe, reflects on the place of architecture in the universe, and of man in architecture. Nicolodi's sculptures, which create only mentally accessible spaces with an architectural, archetypal form (where the Greek prefix archè refers to the beginning, the creation, or the Arestitelotic element) seem to lend themselves very well to this reflection.


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  • Renato Nicolodi, Monument II, 2021, black concrete, 35 x 35 x 46 cm, edition of 5; and Monument III, 2021, white concrete, 35 x 35 x 473 cm, edition of 5
    © Nicolodi's studio.