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Layered Realities, Group Exhibition - Inspired by the work of Mario Schifano at Escher Gallery, Kanaal

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Layered Realities, Group Exhibition
Inspired by the work of Mario Schifano
Kanaal, Escher Gallery

Opening on Saturday February 3, 2024.

Layered Realities is a group exhibition featuring work by Peter Buggenhout, Sadaharu Horio, Mario Schifano, and Angel Vergara. Taking Mare (1963) by the Italian post-modern pop artist Schifano as a starting point, the exhibition forms an investigation into how artists meticulously construct their personal universe, built up out of blended layers of their personal experience and the outside world. Along the way, it poses questions about the position of art within society, scratching but the surface of our interpretations and imagination.

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