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Michel Mouffe at Truman Brewery, London

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Michel Mouffe at Truman Brewery, London

From the Ashes (Group exhibition)

From February 20 until February 25, 2024

The Amazon is burning - the impact of this is felt far away, and incredibly close. In July 2022, Migrate Art founder Simon Butler joined People’s Palace Projects to spend three weeks with the Indigenous Xingu communities who have been deeply affected by deforestation and climate change within their home – the Amazon.

To bring new, and crucial light to this devastating reality for those afar, Simon collected ashes from the burnt areas of the Amazon rainforest back to London. With it, we collaborated with Jackson's Art Supplies, Unison Colour and Cranfield Colours to manufacture artist’s kits using the ash and charcoal to create paint, ink, pigment and pastels. We have invited a range of contemporary artists including Cornelia Parker, Shezad Dawood, María Berrío and more to create works of art with these materials, with the funds raised from their finished products being donated to the Xingu community as they continue to fight against illegal deforestation, and to assist them in reforesting the Xingu territory.

The exhibition will take place in February 2024, with the artworks being auctioned by Christie's in March.

Participating artists: Aislan Pankararu, André Griffo, Andy Goldsworthy, Antonio Tarsis, Alfie Caine, Cornelia Parker, Glenys Johnson, Gokula Stoffel, Harminder Judge, Idris Khan, Indigenous artisans of the Ulupuwene and Topepeweke villages, John Kørner, Julie Curtiss, Kamo Waurá, Loie Hollowell, María Berrío, Mary Mattingly, Michel Mouffe, Nigel Cooke, Piers Secunda, Richard Long, Richard Woods, Robert Longo, Samuel de Saboia, Sarah Ball, Shezad Dawood, Simon Butler, Tal R, Tacita Dean and Tony Bevan.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit following website:
From the Ashes – Migrate Art

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