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Jaffa Lam at Fujiyoshida Textile Week

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Jaffa Lam - Seek Your Mountain

Until December 17, 2023

Jaffa Lam's Seek Your Mountain is now on view at Textile & Art Festival, curated by Fumio Nanjo, in Fujiyoshida city in Japan.

“This tent -or umbrella- like installation fragmentises the viewers’ visual perception of a given scene. Placed on the rooftop of an abandoned building located in an old factory site that seems misplaced in the scenic view, this installation surely disassembles the scenic landscape of Mt. Fuji, cutting it up with its unique and bizarre angles. It invites viewers to revisit what we are used to seeing, review with fresh eyes, and re-examine our view with a new perspective. Art is about this specificity of a viewpoint, the uniqueness of a perspective.” – Text by Fumio Nanjo

Jaffa Lam's large-scale installation and somewhat provocative yet subversive installation will partly hide Mt. Fuji; partly reveal it until 17 December. The work, created as a result of a community-based collective action, fits into her body of work around non-verbal dialogues on local histories and identity, labour, heritage and craft, the past and the possible future. In doing so, she wants to give a voice or platform again to those who have been pushed into the background by the ravages of time.

For more information about the installation, please visit:

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