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Angel Vergara at PHOTO I BRUT #1

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24 NOVEMBER 2022 - 19 MARCH 2023

In the context of the project PHOTO | BRUT BXL, CENTRALE presents 200 photographs from the PHOTO | BRUT collection Bruno Decharme & compagnie exhibited in Arles. True to its programming principles, the art center of the city of Brussels has also invited Brussels-based artist Angel Vergara for an open and unique dialogue with Bruno Decharme. His work is inspired by the continuous research on the power of the image through performances, videos, installations, paintings and drawings. He tests the limits of art and reality, and stretches the boundaries of reality and its perception. His research on how the contemporary image shapes the interconnected public and private spheres perfectly resonates with “raw” photography. Each piece of Vergara’s work is an attempt to shatter the image; it strives to have an impact on the aesthetic, sociocultural and political level. For this project he was inspired by filmed portraits that the director Bruno Decharme dedicated to the creators of his collection.

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