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Angel Vergara in group exhibition Saout L'Mellah

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One of the first ever sound art meetings on Moroccan territory: Saout L’Mellah. The Limiditi - Temporary Art Projects association will set up a research and creative laboratory project on sound creation in the former Portuguese city of El Jadida, also known as the Mellah.

This city within the city, both autonomous and perfectly integrated into urban flows, embodies a broad potential for alternative exploration, made possible thanks to the city’s rich heritage and the accessibility of El Jadida, a city rich in history, cultural crossroads and cultural exchanges between Europe and Morocco.
This project will be deployed geographically through the distribution, exhibition and performance of creations and content on the city’s territory as well as streaming on a web platform and via national and international networks.

Saout l’Mellah is a reflection on the Portuguese city through different sound practices. A group of artists, researchers and musicians, both local and international, will immerse themselves in the Cité during a research and production residency, which will then lead to a week of restitution and interventions. These renditions can take different forms, ranging from ephemeral radio, listening sessions, workshops, performances, installations to interventions in public space.

This project is directly influenced by the oral culture in Morocco and the importance of the radio and sound medium in the history and daily life of Morocco and its population. For this reason, sound and radio art are democratic and open media that are not limited to space, demography or context and allow an open and evolving exchange. The exhibition will be on of the first of its kind to bring together a group of both local and international artists, researchers and creators to dive into the rich history of Moroccan (sonic) culture and translate it to new creations.

With the participation of Angel Vergara (Be), Yasi Alipour (Ir), Mo Baala (Ma), Younes Baba-Ali (Ma/Be), Louisa Babari (Ru/Dz/Fr), Regine Basha (Us), Omar Berrada (Ma/Us), Filipe Vilas-Boas (Pt/Fr), Matthieu Boucherit (Fr), M’barek Bouhchichi (Ma), Amine Boushaba (Ma), Raphael Charpentié (Fr), Younes Charroud (Ma), Seth Cluet (Us), Carole Diop (Sn), Jauk El Maleh (Ma), Elsa M'Bala (Cm/De), Christine Eyene (Cm/Uk), Malachi Farrell (Ir/Fr), Mounir Fatmi (Ma), Simohamed Fetaka (Ma), Richard Garet (Us), Antone Israel (Eq/Be), Kyop Jeong (Ko), Charmaine Lee (Au/Us), Miya Masaoka (Us), Vanessa Paloma (Ma), Isabelle Plumhans (Be), Erik Samakh (Fr), Aude Tournaye (Be)

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