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From the Mundane World: Inaugural Exhibition of He Art Museum, featuring Lucia Bru - HE Art Museum

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From the Mundane World: Inaugural Exhibition of He Art Museum

An installation by Lucia Bru is part of the launch exhibition of the newly opened @hemartmuseum. The exhibition, “From the Mundane World” is organised around the theme of “experience all things”.
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Curated by Feng Boyi, the “Mundane World” or the human world, includes the space inhabited by human beings, and time, material, energy, speed, etc. The rest of it, the tangible items like landscapes make up the things from the Mundane World. It is a study of how tangible “things” develop through the nebulous nature of the “Mundane World” and the resulting issues of production, consumption, ecology, etc. In the context of the on-going public health threat, this topic has become more specific and realistic.
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The HE Art Museum is family-established, not-for-profit private institution designed by Tadao Ando and located in Shunde, Guangdong, China. The museum is focused on modern and contemporary cultural arts and exploring the values of cross-cultural exchange.
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Photos: @hemartmuseum
Artwork: Lucia Bru, Untitled (Partial), made of porcelain and sandstone, twenty-one elements (2017)

Featured Artists: Chen Wenji, Feng Feng, Sun Yue, Xu Bing, Lucia Bru

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