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Peter Buggenhout at Finis Terrae

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17 NOVEMBER 2022 — 26 FEBRUARY 2023

Two works from Peter Buggenhout’s “On Hold” and “Mute Witness” series are included in the group exhibition, Finis Terrae, a large scale art walk through Antwerp’s historic centre, exploring one universal theme: our planet. The work of 50 contemporary Belgian artists spread across 13 locations. The exhibition tackles a wide range of topics: from statement to message, from confrontation to dialogue. There is both Sehnsucht for a Paradise Lost, and a quest for equality by a young generation of women. There is the beauty of a hidden piece of nature - a hortus conclusus - in a dense city, but also innovative scientific/artistic research within everyday reality on one side and the virtual realm of fake reality and the metaverse on the other. Furthermore, we see a struggle of the individual against ruling ideologies, or the (great) socio-cultural impact of isolation in the event of a pandemic or war. Which borders do we push - and which do we cross?

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