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Michel Mouffe in La Boverie

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Michel Mouffe in Le Boverie, Liège

31.05.2024 - 18.08.2024

Michel Mouffe is participating in the group exhibition Abstract at la Boverie, Liege, open from 31 March through 18 August, 2024.

What is abstract art and does it still make sense today? Abstract answers these questions, through a sensitive journey that rediscovers this artistic world and its major influence on our lives. From Kandinsky to the most contemporary artists, the exhibition presents more than 150 works across more than 2,000 m². It reveals the importance of the collections of the Fine Arts Museum of Liège and is enhanced by major pieces from other backgrounds. In dialogue with these works, exclusive interviews with contemporary artists and players in the arts world enable the visitors to grasp the importance and extreme vivacity of abstract art.

‘Abstract’ shows us that this form of language is far from having reached its limits and that its expressions are infinite: contemporary art has not rejected abstract art, and we have not yet exploited its full potential.

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