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Antwerp Art Weekend

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Every year, the Antwerp Art Weekend shines a bright light on contemporary art in Antwerp, commemorating the city’s active scene and further promoting contemporary art as a valuable and essential part of society. With last year’s cancellation of our 2020 edition, we now want to turn that light outwards and have it serve as beacon for what is possible within the limitations of a world engulfed by a pandemic.

With over 70 locations, both in- and outdoors, all of our participating venues will be eligible for visits and are applying the necessary restrictions to provide you a covid-proof, art-hopping experience, while also counting on your responsibility as visitors and passerby to uphold the measures in place. And if you’re feeling unwell, please, do not withdraw yourself from the comfort of your home.

The Antwerp Art Weekend will run from May 13 - 16, 2021. The full program launches mid April, 2021 on

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