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New exhibition: Germaine Kruip, "Rehearsal"

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Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition of Germaine Kruip (°Castricum, Netherlands) at Kanaal. Over the past two decades, Kruip has been developing a practice that merges time, space, and perception. In between the visual arts, the stage, and architecture, she investigates and presents her observations through sculptural and performative interventions.

Kruip studies the scenography of ungraspable phenomena, such as the ever-changing daylight and the passage of time; the relationship between art and ritual in repetitive gestures, aiming to subtly alter perception; historical attempts to create abstraction using geometry – and finally the desires, theories, and ideologies underlying these attempts.

In this exhibition titled Rehearsal, Kruip creates a contemplative and sensorial choreography using traditional theatre lighting techniques and sculptural percussion instruments, constantly echoing with each other and inviting the visitors to activate the works themselves while urging them to become fully aware of the spaces they occupy, and the time dedicated within them.


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