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Kimsooja at Sèvres Manufacture et Musée Nationaux

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Kimsooja: Wrapping the Void

until 5 November 2023

Sèvres - Manufacture et Musée nationaux, Sèvres, France

Sèvres - Manufacture et Musée nationaux presents the exhibition Kimsooja: Wrapping the Void which highlights the new body of work by Kimsooja, created in collaboration with the Sèvres Manufacture's craftsmen during her artist residency in 2018-2019. For the artist, the bottari is a symbol of exile and the journey it implies. Sometimes containing the memories of a lifetime, here they are emptied to represent the bodies of their wearers. The fine cracks on the works' rounded forms evoke the stretch marks of a pregnant woman's belly - a universal "container" - like a celebration of the beauty of these marks. In her work Sewing into Soil: Invisible Needle, Invisible Thread, she pierces stoneware slabs with a needle, creating a constellation of holes that embodies the energy of nature. The firing process occurs as a moment of unpredictability, where fire modifies the artist's work to make each piece unique. In this way, she moves away from the ready-mades that have marked her work to create tangible, original ceramic works.

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