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MECC Maastricht

Fair description

Our booth no. 424 is conceived in two parts, one as an open “gallery” space the other as a full collector’s cabinet. The gallery is conceived as a survey of several historically important Gutai paintings from Kazuo Shiraga, Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Norio Imai and Yuko Nasaka, each showing the freshness and creative originality that characterized this Japanese avant-garde movement. These paintings will be juxtaposed to some important archaeological pieces among which a monumental draped Roman sculpture of “Aphrodite Ourania” in marble, dating from the 1st to 2nd century A.D., from the famous Californian collection of Sir Daniel Donohue.

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The cabinet will show a unique library from the early 1950s designed by the famous Milanese architects’ studio BBPR. We will also present an important collection of antiquities e.g. an Egyptian Head of a Block Statue in granodiorite from the New Kingdom, XVIIIth Dynasty and a large Cambodian Pre Khmer head of Hari Hara in sandstone from the 7th -8th century presenting a meditative silence.

In juxtaposition of the archaeological artworks from various origins we will show a mesmerizing work made from thousands of aluminium liquor bottle tops by the African artist El Anatsui. Using found objects he reworks and rearranges materials and transforms them into something new without losing their own history. His work could be described as a collage of discarded memories.

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