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South Grounds The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

Fair description

Now in its seventh instalment, Masterpiece London is a leading international fair for and art and design from antiquity to the present day. A multi-disciplinary show of objects and artworks consisting of paintings, ceramics, rare maps, sculpture, photography, jewellery, important furniture and contemporary design, all works are vetted by a committee of experts to ensure the highest standards and authenticity.

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To mark our first participation at Masterpiece London (30 June - 6 July), we are presenting a 1960 work by Shozo Shimamoto ‘Armor’. Meeting future Gutai leader Jiro Yoshihara expanded Shozo Shimamoto's artistic horizons and sparked new developments in his work. "Armor" embodies everything Gutai stands for. Created by an act of full artistic freedom, experimenting with unusual materials. A work that fits within the artistic mindset after the events after the second World War.

In the archaeology section of our stand one of the highlights is the fragmentary Pharaonic bust, a remainder of a life-size seated or standing group statue. The statuary of Ramesses II shows a wealth of examples, baffling in their varied quality and styles. The majority of sculptures of his reign have been found on Upper Egyptian sites and were probably prepared at Aswan and Thebes, hence the use of the extraordinary Aswan pink granite.

The authentic Contour Side Chair from the 1950's combines a smooth and fluid frame with a comfortably reclining seat. Influenced by Vladimir's father's preference of the Bauhaus aesthetic, he would always adhere to certain elements of the Bauhaus in his designs, the most important being "Form follows function".

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