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Frieze Masters London 2023

London, United Kingdom
The Regent's Park

Fair description

Axel Vervoordt is pleased to participate in Frieze Masters 2023, which takes place at London’s Regents Park from October 11-15.

Curated by Luke Syson, the fair’s Stand Out section explores concepts of colour throughout art history. Our presentation features the juxtaposition of works that embrace colour in its purest, most vibrant forms, such as Yves Klein's IKB 115, alongside works that question our understanding of colour’s presence and absence, such as Kazuo Shiraga's Syungei or Raimund Girke’s Großes Weiß.

“The relationship between artists and colour is complex,” says Boris Vervoordt. “Since the dawn of times, we’ve admired an Egyptian head of a pharaoh in vibrant reddish pink granite mottled with grey and black, or a marble Cycladic torso that may once have been painted but today only shows the colour of millennia passing by. We’re reminded of the differences between intent and reality, while carefully reconsidering our subjective notions of colour and its contemporary meaning.”

The full presentation includes works by Norio Imai, Ryuji Tanaka, Jef Verheyen, Chiyu Uemae, Chung Chang-Sup, Otto Piene, Gotthard Graubner, and Masatoshi Masanobu.

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