Mireille Capelle: Anello. Naga. Sunyata

Inspiratum CD Fund, 2009

From the booklet:

We are torn between believing and knowing, searching for the balance of a fragile reality. Am I my blood or am I my thought? If I could embody my thought, I exist in the timeless present. The Sonic Architecture pieces are constructed geometrically according to a mathematical scheme which is based on the symbolism of numbers. On the basis of whatever drives my senses, I gather together a great mass of recorded sounds from everyday life: the street, the wind, streams, the noise of cars, of conversations, of birds, of singing ... accompanied by everything that resonates around them. I compose thematic phrases which are then interpreted by musicians.
Profoundly nourished by our time, I make use of the omnipresence of the computer, which is capable of multiplying, dividing and transforming sounds on a grand scale, in order to modify their original identity, and take them to other dimensions of vibrational frequencies, beyond the three-dimensional dimensions that are a part of us. Globalization, the meeting of different cultures, but also the intimacy, the particular ability of each culture to devise its own sounds and timing, all influence my creations. I am fascinated by the relativity of time and the relativity of realities.
The Sonic Architecture pieces are intended to be displayed in a space which vibrates with them. They are an auditory reflexion of all which is present in the space. Each visitor who comes into this 'sonic presence' as it unfurls into space is immediately taking part, through his breathing, his words, his footsteps ... One can feel submerged, another will accompany the sounds, yet another will be listening in the wake of their trajectory.
Mireille Capelle
CD-1. Anello
CD-2. Naga
CD-3. Sunyata