Sadaharu Horio (1939 - 2018)

Sadaharu Horio (1939 - 2018)
Axel Vervoordt Gallery Announces the Passing of Sadaharu Horio

We are deeply saddened to share the news that beloved artist and cherished friend, Sadaharu Horio, one of the most important performance artists of his generation in Japan, passed away on November 3rd, 2018.

Well-loved and celebrated for his passion for performance and the spontaneous spirit with which he created art, Horio-san inspired generations of artists, collectors, and friends. Horio joined the Gutai Art Association in 1966 and he continued through many decades to create art that embodied an avant-garde spirit with an expansive body of experimental work. Together with his Kuki friends, he created countless performances each year all over the world that were joyful, witty, playful, and an extension of the philosophy that life happens all around us.

Reminiscing on the many years of their friendship and collaboration, Axel Vervoordt says, “His spirit will never die. I’m deeply moved that he’s gone. I will always cherish the memories and art he shared with us all. His energy, enthusiasm, and drive to turn every moment into art offers endless inspiration. A few years ago, he taught me the expression “tariki hongan”, which comes from Zen Buddhism and teaches us that we rely on others to help us realise our dreams. His smile was pure, authentic joy and we will continue to build on his legacy and the dreams he brought to us all.”

As Boris Vervoordt says in memory of his legacy: “Horio’s art expressed the essence of life. His art was inseparable to his character. His creative, free character transformed the everyday experience of life and brought it to higher dimension. We are heartbroken that he is no longer on this earth. We will be forever grateful to the pure joy that he gave us. He taught us that art and life become one. We miss him greatly and will never forget him.”