Next Generation Maxim Emelyanychev - Cesar Laporev

Next Generation Maxim Emelyanychev - Cesar Laporev
Next Generation
Maxim Emelyanychev - Cesar Laporev

Monday October 20th 2014
20.00 Castle of 's Gravenwezel

tickets at 100€/75€/50€/30€ per person

Mussorgsky pictures at an exibition

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata op. 12. No 1 for piano and violin Allegro con brio Tema con variazioni. Andante con moto Rondo. Allegro

Johannes Brahms
Sonata No 3 op. 108
Un poco presto e con sentimento
Presto agitato

Maxim Emelyanychev is among the new generation of conductors who have been recognized while still young and launched early in their career. He comes from a family of  professional musicians and began his music studies in his home town of Novgorod in 1995, concentrating on conducting and piano. He went on to orchestral conducting  at the Moscow State Conservatory while simultaneously studying harpsichord and fortepiano as well as the baroque cornetto on which he performs with Moscow’s Alta Capella ensemble. As a harpsichordist he has worked with Maria Uspenskaya, Johann Sonnleitner, Zvi Meniker and Bart van Oort.
He has been the recipient of several grants and scholarships (New Names Charity Fund 2000-2005, The Rostropovich Fund and the Spivakov Fund) and has been a prize-winner at a number of competitions and festivals, taking, among them, second prize and audience prize at the 2010 Bruges Harpsichord Competition.
As a conductor he has worked with many orchestras in Russia as well as founding and conducting the youth chamber orchestra “Veritas”.

The very young violinist Cesar Laporev (18y), student from Tatiana Samouil is now amongst the best of Berlin, attentending classes with Stephan Picard in the Hochschule für Musik ‘Hanns Eisler’.

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