Handel's Bestiary

Handel's Bestiary
Handel's Bestiary
Opera for children
Hosted by Philippe and Griet Vande Vyvere, Wortegem-Petegem
Sunday December 16th  2012 at 11:00h.
Adults: 100€/person
Children: 10€/person
Limited seating. Patron Members receive priority access to this event.

In the Baroque times and minds, animals, apart from their real existence, still had a strong allegorical presence, in art as well as in music. A striking variety of animals can be found in Handel's operas, characterizing a hero's virtues, a villain's vices, or a lover's passion. Elephant, Tiger, Turtle Dove, Butterfly, Bee - Donna Leon selected Handel arias with the most powerful animalistic appearances, and in her whimsical texts follows the animals' footprints from medieval bestiaries into our times. (In the book edition, the famous German painter Michael Sowa contributes an original, contemporary vision of the animals presented in the texts and arias.)