Norio Imai

Born in 1946 in Osaka, Japan.
Lives and works in Osaka, Japan.

Receives Mayor's Prize at the 14th Ibaraki City Exhibition, Yōsei Elementary School, Ibaraki (Osaka Prefecture).

Shows his first work in a Gutai exhibition.
Receives Board of Education Prize at the 17th Ashiya City Exhibition, Ashiya Civic Hall, Ashiya (Hyōgo Prefecture).

Graduates from Osaka Municipal High School of Art and Industry, department of fine art, yōga (Western-style painting) program.
Joins Gutai Art Association (participates in all Gutai exhibitions until breakup in 1972).
Takes part in the Nul 1965 exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Receives Board of Education Prize at the 19th Ashiya City Exhibition, Ashiya Civic Hall.
Receives the first prize at the 10th Shell Art Award Exhibition, Shirokiya Department Store, Tokyo, (followed by Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art).
Solo show at the Gutai Pinacoteca, Osaka.
Takes part in the From Space to Environment exhibition, Tokyo.

Shows his work (a movie) at the first Sogetsu Experimental Film Festival.

Expo '70 marked a turning point in Imai's work.

Gutai Art Association dissolves but Imai continues his performances and collaborations.

Receives honourable mention at the Osaka Prefectural Gallery Art Contest.